Plans in October

We still enjoy good weather and that is why we invite you to start the autumn in the best possible way. Summer is over, but don’t stop making plans. Here are some ideas for this month:

1- Camping: this month is ideal to spend a few days, in the mountains. And it is because we no longer have the heat of summer, nor is it the cold of winter; So be adventurous, take a tent and look for a good camping spot, which is surrounded by trees.

In these places, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, go to the river to cool off and walk to the top to see the sunrise.

2- Rural village:
we invite you to discover villages surrounded by nature, with wooden door houses and chimneys. The most recommended are:

Alcalá del Júcar-Albacete.
Almagro-Ciudad Real.

This plan is ideal to do with friends and discover together all the charm that these places have to offer

3- Amusement park:
spending a weekend in a theme park will allow you to download adrenaline with the most daring attractions and have fun with the outdoor shows.

That is why you have to visit:
Port Aventura
Warner Park
Mythical Terra
Dinópolis Territory

4- Schedule Shows:
October will be the month where each city has very interesting proposals. The concerts, theater seasons, exhibitions, festivals or new shows that will allow you to enjoy, alone, accompanied or with family.

5- Wine festival: autumn is the season of wine, the harvest and its festivals. So you can plan to pick grapes from Logroño, Huelva, Toro or Peñafiel and enjoy some parties toasting with a good wine.

6- Mushroom picking:
with October the rains come and with them the time to collect and taste the mushrooms. Here in Spain you can explore places like Teruel, Madrid, Zamora, Malaga or Soria.

Discover beautiful landscapes, while looking for types of mushrooms such as mushroom thistles, chanterelles, bullets or legists.

7- Hiking:
organize itineraries for hiking trails, which allow you to discover magical corners and beautiful landscapes such as:
Schmidt road, Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid.
Los Galayos, Sierra de Gredos.
The Bear Path, Asturias.
Route of Los Calderones-Hoces del Turia, Valencia.
Rum Route, La Palma
Route of the Three Temples, Basque Country.
Route of the Three Rivers, Galicia.
Route of the Faces, Cuenca.

8- Parties: although the summer has passed, in Spain we can enjoy a complete agenda of parties and have a good time without having to be on the beach. Take note of these celebrations:
Guadarrama parties
Festivities of San Froilán
Seafood parties
Pillar parties

9- Walks through the forest:
in Spain there are five ideal forests, so you can enjoy this time of the year lost in nature. These forests are:
The Beech Forest of Tejera Negra-Guadalajara.
The Hayedo de Montejo-Madrid.
The Añisclo-Huesca Valley.
The chestnut of El Tiemblo-Ávila.
The oak grove of Arratzu-Vizcaya.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover them and thus contemplate wild mushrooms, see foxes or wildcats and walk among rivers or waterfalls.

Each station is unique and invites you to live different experiences, that’s why here at
We Park we encourage you to disconnect and enjoy the month of October to the fullest!

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