Take advantage of the hand luggage space

If you are one of those who like to travel with a small suitcase or the type of flight you have, it only allows you to carry hand luggage … Our post today, you will love it and We are going to give you some tips to make the most of it This type of luggage.

Every day it becomes more practical and economical, to travel light and that is why it is so important to be able to take advantage of the space that we have in the suitcase or carry-on luggage. This will help us to organize better what it is that we should carry, what we should leave and how we must save it Take note:

1- How to store clothes
The first thing you should put in the suitcase, is the heaviest clothes such as jeans, pants, coats and footwear And on the top, light or white clothes that can easily stain and those of delicate fabric, which can be wrinkled.

Some garments take up less space if you carry them rolled and not folded, there is also the option of using vacuum bags to carry clothes; Here that only detail is that you will need a vacuum to use them.

Inside the footwear, place personal items, socks, belts or underwear and thus also optimize that space.

It is important that you carry a couple of empty bags, so that you then place the dirty or wet clothes and do not mix it with the clean clothes around.

2-Choose correctly the clothes to wear
You must choose well, the clothes with which you will travel. Avoid extra, double or unnecessary garments, since then they will make you weight and surely you will not wear them all during the trip.

Opt for garments that are easy to combine and that you can wear in various ways. They should be according to the customs and climate of the city or country you visit.

If possible, they are garments that do not take long to dry; This way you can wash in the hotel or in a laundry nearby.

If you are carrying a heavy or very heavy garment, use it during the outbound and inbound flight so that it does not take up space inside the suitcase.

3-Organize the toilet bag
As you know, when traveling with a handbag or unchecked luggage, you must comply with the rules on personal hygiene products.

They should all be placed inside a transparent, plastic and tightly sealed bag. It is best that you have this bag on hand and it will be easier to show in the security check Everything you carry as a gel, cream or liquids should not exceed 100 milliliters each. (This medication does not apply to medications).

In these cases, choose to buy brushes, paste, gel or creams in travel size or the boats that they sell in pharmacies already with the allowed measures and then you can fill.

4-Optimize each corner

After assembling the suitcase, you will surely have some empty spaces in the corners or sides, so be sure to use them and place things like cables, connectors, travel guides, glasses or clothes such as belts, swimsuits, underwear or socks.

Now that you have the tricks, you only have to pack and enjoy the trip!

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