What is the best way to preserve the memories of my trips?

When we return from a trip, we often think that we will never forget the moments we have lived. I wish it were that way, because keeping beautiful memories is one of the best ways to relive them. But the reality is that many times after having returned from a trip (either a few months or a few years later) we don’t remember many of the adventures of those days, only the poiniant moments.

How many times have you said that you can’t remember an anecdote that happened to you whilst talking with your family or friends? How many times have you tried to capture in your head that landscape, those colours, those moments that you loved so much? How many times have you failed to remember where you took a picture? Many times most likely!

It is our memory which fails us and makes us forget parts of our journey. Technology nowadays allows us to store thousands and thousands of photographs and videos digitally (so we no longer need to print them). We have asked ourselves many times; “What is the best way to preserve the memories of a trip?” And, above all, to have them on hand to relive or show them when we need to? If you have found yourself asking this question then take note because we will be explaining three ways.

# 1 Save photos and videos to a hard drive
If you are one of those who have the memories on your phone and camera memory card full when you return from a trip, you need an external hard drive. This is the best way to keep in a safe place so that you do not erase or lose all your memories. To have them well organized, you can create a folder for each trip in which you indicate the country and city and the year, or even one for each year in which you put the folders of the different trips you make during that time.

We recommend an external hard drive and not the computer because in this way it is more likely to be safe and you can take it with you. Think that what you use the most could likely break down before. On a hard drive you make sure you keep these memories in case you break or lose your computer, or even accidentally delete the folder.

#2 Print your photos
Printing your photos is the traditional way to preserve your special moments and memories. Nowadays it’s not usual to print out every single photo of your moments. It was very common in the past, having the negatives developed at a chemists or a photograph developer using a dark-room. Who has ever found their parents’ box of old photos with the date and location written on the back!?

There are only a few people who keep this tradition, although many still like to print out their most important special memories to make physical collages to decorate the walls or to even make a personalized present for friends.

#3 Digital photo albums
A moment ago we told you about a physical photo album. We referred to printed photographs, but if you like the most modern things, you can opt for digital albums. There are many ways to make them, but the easiest is in a photography studio or online. Kodak is well known to create these.

Nowadays people have digital picture frames on their desks that change photos every few seconds. The best part of this way of preserving your memories is that you can personalize it completely and can choose which photographs to include and in what order, which cover you want and which texts accompany the images and much more…

These are three general methods for us to conserve our special memories and moments of a journey. If you liked this blog, don’t miss the second part (click here) because we will be discussing more original ways.

If you want to experience new memories, we encourage you to travel. Only by traveling can you create so many special memories in such a short time. And remember that if you are flying from the Alicante – Elche Airport, you can leave your car in our parking lot. Bookings at alc@weparkgroup.com. We offer you surveillance service and access to your vehicle 24 hours.

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