What are the most frequented airports in Spain?

Some months ago we wrote an article where we explained what were the 10 most transited airports were in the world and why (link here). It seems that it was an article that you liked quite a bit because some of you couldn’t imagine that there were some airports in the list that were the most busiest, whlist others on the other hand were not. Important cities like New York for example were the most busiest.

For those who liked this post we talked about before, we wanted to make a new one. This time we are going to talk about the Spanish airports currently operating today in order from the biggest to the smallest, and in turn, the busiest to the quietest effectively.

The most busiest airports in spain

1. Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas
As expected, and following an anual report by AENA, Madrid-Barajas was the most busiest in 2018. More concretely, 57.891.340 people used the airport last year. This amount was made from tourists visiting the city or just to catch a connecting flight to leave the EU. The figure entails that there has been an increase of 8,4% from the year before in 2017.

1. Barcelona – El Prat
The second biggest city in Spain takes second place in this list. A total of 50.172.457 passengers passed through the city’s major airport an increase of 6,1% from the previous year.

2. Palma de Mallorca
With some 29.081.704 passengers, this airport destination reaches third place. On this occasion many people not only used this airport to travel to other foreign countries but also to catch the connecting flights to the Baleric Islands.

3. Málaga – Costa Del Sol
In 2018, 19.021.704 people used this airport and its facilities. This quantity shows an increase of 2,1% more than in 2017. It’s the most busiest airport in Andalucía. However, not only can we deduce that its not just used by the locals in the region to travel outside of their territory but also its the most busiest place receiving tourists visiting the Andalucian province.

4. Alicante – Elche (El Altet) – Costa Blanca
A total of 13.981.320 pasajeros used the Alicante airport to travel. Although we don’t know exactly how many passengers took off or landed at the airport we can only guess that they came to discover our lovely prestine beaches and enjoy the great climate and food.

The least busiest Airports in Spain
Of all the Spanish airports in the country, there are only 48 that are considered the least busiest and used. The following are:

1. Albacete
Albacete airport has had the least amount of movement in all with only receiving 1.295 passengers in total.

2. Huesca – The Pyrenees
Although in 2018 the amount of movement increased by only a 473,2% with respect in 2017. Still, its the second airport that receives the least amount of passengers with the exact figue of 1.473.

3. Son Bonet
This small airport is based in Mallorca. It started out way back in the 20th century and its the third least buisest airport in the country. The only operations that tend to use the facilities are general aviation and flights relating to local sports teams etc. Within the airport you will find the usual passenger traffic and a flight school.

4. Madrid – Cuatro Vientos
This secondary airport belonging to the capital city is quite unknown to most journey lovers.
The Dean of the Spanish airports was founded in 1911. Its the oldest airport in Spain and the aerodrome is used along with the civil-military destined with general aviation flights. In 2018 it resigtered 3.347 passengers passing through.

5. Sabadell
The fith ranking airport is in Sabadell, Barcelona. With a grand total of arounf 4.540 passengers using the airport in 2019. Its only used for general aviation, training pilots for light aircraft and helicopters, (flight school).

If you like this article and you wish to find out more information about the Spanish airports in detail please visit this link (link here) where the statistics are available from AENA.

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