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Useful tips for packing (II)

If you are a regular reader of our blog you will know what our seven essentials are in a suitcase (click here) and you will also know four really useful tricks that we gave you about so that packing is not such a heavy task. Because, being honest, there are times when getting all the objects that we need and that are also ordered is almost impossible. If you usually face these problems when you have to prepare your luggage, continue reading because today we are going to give you some more tips.

1. Store clothes in layers
If the advice to roll up the clothes did not help you to gain space, you can store the clothes by superimposed layers and then fold the ends. This is another of the best ways to store clothes in your travel bag to solve your space problems.

It’s simpler than it seems: put the clothes in the suitcase leaving it stretched (except the pants, which you have to put them folded in half), so that the ends stick out. Go placing some garments on others trying always that some part is out of the suitcase and that the part that is inside is well stretched so that wrinkles do not form. When you have it all, fold the ends inwards so that everything is inside your luggage.

2. Take advantage of every empty space
You can take advantage of the sides of the suitcases and the free spaces to store socks, underwear and shoes. This means that you can use the holes inside the shoes, caps, hats and bras to keep underwear, such as panties or rolled socks, but also the mobile phone charger or helmets. In addition to taking advantage of a space that was going to be unused, you will prevent your clothes and accessories from being crushed or deformed.

3. Prepare the kit
To prepare the kit you also have some tricks that can be used to save space and have all your products sorted. The toilet is one of the items that most occupy in a suitcase, so we advise you to be as accurate as you can. You must bear in mind that in the hand bag you can not include more than ten containers with liquids that exceed 100 milliliters and that these must be in a transparent plastic bag. So you have two options: buy the products with containers of a maximum size of 100 milliliters or fill cans of this size with yours

From We Park we recommend that you do not carry anything that is not essential. Think that if something unexpected happens, you can buy in the destination as urgent as you need. In cosmetics you can bet on free samples that you have creams and makeup bases, since they take up little space and are likely to last you the entire trip. We also advise you to take samples of perfume instead of big bottles of cologne.

4. Wears the most voluminous
If you are short of free space, it is best to carry the most bulky with you while you are in transport. You do not need to wear several clothes, but for example, if you go to a cold destination you can take the coat with you during the journey. You can also use the bigger footwear, so that it does not occupy so much volume in the suitcase.

5. Protects electronic items
If you travel with an electronic article, surely one of your biggest concerns is to travel safely so that it does not spoil. This means preparing a baggage in which your laptop, camera, tablet or e-book does not get hit. The best option is to get a case, briefcase or a specific backpack for each electronic object to carry them with you always. Instead, if you have to put any of these objects inside your suitcase, remember to place it in the center of the luggage, surrounded by padded or soft clothing that can mitigate any impact.

6. Your documents always with you
Do not forget all the documentation that you will need during the trip: ID card, passport, European Health Card, driving license, international driving license, travel insurance policy, visa, air tickets, reservation of accommodation, tickets to tourist monuments … These are the most common documents in travel, but you may need some more for your getaway, such as if you travel with pets. Check in detail the route and the activities you will do to be completely sure that you do not forget anything.

It is very advisable that you have all the documentation together and ordered according to when you are going to need it. We also recommend that you keep it in a protected place so as not to lose it, but at the same time be easily accessible. A purse or fanny pack are two good options.

7. Travel safe and quiet
These are all our tips so that making the suitcase is a much simpler task. If you have a trick that works for you, we encourage you to share it with us in the comments.

At We Park we care about you, so that your luggage helps you to turn your getaway into a unique experience and does not make you think about anything other than enjoyment. Therefore, for your peace of mind, make sure that all the elements count and are safe, from the suitcase to your car. To do this, at We Park we offer you surveillance service and access to your vehicle 24 hours, so that your sole purpose is to make the trip your best trip and always with the certainty that everything is under control.

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