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Useful tips for packing (I)

When we plan a trip, one of the most important moments of the process is the preparation of the luggage. Packing can be a headache for many people, especially those who are not used to it. What kind of suitcase suits us best, how to get it to fit all the clothes, what items are essential in our luggage or what trick is the best so that the garments are not wrinkled are some of the doubts that tend to haunt us at the time of preparing the luggage for our trip.

For all those who have trouble packing their bags or leaving them for the last minute, we have prepared a list with useful tips for packing.

1. Make a list of what you need on your trip
First of all you must make a list to plan everything you need in your trip so you do not forget anything. This is really useful, since it will facilitate the task of making a suitcase. We already explained to you in the past (click here) what were our seven essentials. We make a brief summary:

  • Clothing: a good trick is to prepare clothing sets.
  • Documentation: do not forget all the documentation that you will need during the trip.
  • Toiletry Bag with items designed for travel: toothpaste, foam, gel, shampoo, hair gel, fixative spray, creams, colognes, deodorants …
  • First-aid kit for emergencies: do not forget to include in it medicines for dizziness, generic pain, basic material of cures -tiritas, tape, handkerchiefs, cotton, gauze or ointment-, allergies or sun exposure.
  • Check that you have taken the money you calculated in the budget of the trip and that you carry credit cards to deal with any unforeseen event.
  • Technological devices and their chargers.
  • Other useful objects, such as a towel, an umbrella, bags to organize clothes or a padlock.

    2. Choose the most suitable type of luggage
    Before starting to prepare your suitcase you should think what format of luggage suits you best depending on the trip you are going to make. The way you travel, the destination, the budget, the transport and its restrictions depends on what type of luggage will be most comfortable for your getaway. For example, if you are only going to visit a place, it is more practical to opt for a conventional suitcase, while if you think you can vary a lot in destination or use different transports, it will be more comfortable to use a backpack.

    This decision may also depend on the number of objects you carry, because if you need a lot of space it is best to opt for a suitcase, more specifically for a large one that you can bill, while if you do not carry many items you can use the backpack.

    3. Decide on clothes and create sets
    We have already told you before that a good trick to pack and not take more than necessary is to think clothing sets. That way you make sure that all the clothes that you include in your suitcase combine with each other and avoid taking what you will not use. Choose items that combine well with each other, such as pants, shirts and skirts. Also, if you want to dress differently each day of your trip, bet on the top parts (shirts, T-shirts and tops). They will change your whole look by changing only one garment.

    If you prefer to have a choice when it comes to dressing, you can prepare a set of surplus to deal with any unforeseen.

    4. A good luggage organization
    One of the most important parts of making a suitcase, apart from choosing what you will include in it, is how to organize it. This step depends on whether everything fits or not. As a general rule, it is best to always place the heaviest items, such as pants and shoes, on the bottom. On the other hand, if you are going to be moving a lot, the most comfortable thing is that you leave the things that you will use more, such as the pajamas or the toiletry bag, at the top.

    If you have space problems, roll the garments into a tube. In this way you will avoid, in addition, that the garments are wrinkled. You will also avoid wrinkles in shirts, dresses and other delicate items by placing them on top.

    If you are going to use a backpack, distribute everything you need so that there are no free holes and so that the backpack does not adopt uncomfortable shapes for your back.

    5. Use bags to organize
    It does not matter if they are made of cloth or plastic, the bags are the key to organizing your clothes. They are useful for classifying garments according to type, since they serve to create compartments. If your suitcase is not very big and does not have many sections to divide it, having bags will be very useful to create different spaces and not mix it. In this way, if you need shirts you can take this compartment knowing that there is what you need. Do the same with underwear or technology articles and you’ll see how you get organized.

    But, in addition, the bags also serve to order the laundry or the one you have already used, as well as to put the shoes and avoid staining the rest of the clothes.

    These are the first tricks that we give you to ensure that your luggage is the most suitable for your trip, that you do not forget anything and that you fit everything you need in an orderly manner. If you liked it, do not miss the second part because in it we will give you more advice.

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