Things to have in mind when you are choosing a parking at the airport

When the time comes to travel, there are a number of factors that we must not forget … Among them we have tickets, luggage, hotel and airport. But there is another factor, which many times we do not take it into account such as the way to move from the house to the airport.

If in your city, the airport is connected to the subway or there is a bus service; The only thing that you will need is to study the schedules and see the one that best fits the hours of your flight. But if there are bad connection, the schedules do not favor you and you do not want to depend on a taxi, the best option will be to go with your car to the airport, but here is where problems begins: Where I will leave my car while I am traveling?

Today we will speak about this topic, we will give you tips to find the best parking place.

1- Good location with the airport
Note that the parking lot is located near the airport that you will use to travel, ideally the site should be located at least 5 minutes from the terminals. It must also be easily accessible and located, so as to avoid traffic delay while on the way to leave the car or to the airport once you have left it.

2- Parking-airport connection

Make sure that the car park where you leave the car has a bus service. You must be sure that they have buses running 24 hours, to make the transfer from the parking lot to the airport and vice versa. Usually, this service is free.

It is very important to remember, since it allows you to leave your car in a safe place and know that you will not have any inconvenience to get to the airport on the way out or to the parking lot when you return.

3- Closed and guarded parking
It must be a safe and reliable place, because this will make you calm during your trip and have the security of having left the car safe and that nothing will happen during your absence.

For this, you must have the minimum security measures, such as video surveillance throughout the parking lot, which is preferably a closed site to have greater control of who enters and leaves it and to have a trained staff to respond to any inconvenience.

4- Open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year
Today flights can have any schedule, either day or night and depart any day of the week; Therefore, a factor to consider is the parking schedule.

It must be available throughout the year, any day and at any time. So that you can leave or pick up, depending on your need to travel the car. In short, a parking lot that is open 365 days a year, all week and 24 hours a day.

5- Reasonable price
Usually airport parking is usually quite expensive, if you want to use it for long periods of time. That is why it is more profitable to use parking near airport and be able to leave your car while traveling and be sure that when you return, the price to pay for this service will be appropriate.

We have already given you the most important tips for search for a private parking and having to leave your car near the airport. So you can be calm and enjoy your trip.

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