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When you are traveling, either by plane or car, many days or just a weekend; There is something that should never be missing in our luggage and that is a first aid kit. It has not happened to you, that when it comes time to prepper it, a series of questions arises:

1- How do you prepare a first aid kit?

2-What do you have to bring a first aid kit to be complete?

About these questions we will speak today in our post, we will explain to you what to wear and how to wear your travel and first aid kits, so take the note and prepare yours.

1- How do you prepare a first aid kit?
The first thing to keep in mind is know where are you going and depending on the country and its restrictions, we will know what we need to take and what not. And it is that not all countries have the same sanitary conditions, nor are the same medicines used. The information, which can be carried and not according to each country can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once you have this information, you will be able to make a list of the medications that you can take, which you cannot, what you can`t miss and if in the country you will not be able to buy any specific ones and prepare the kit adjusted to your needs on the trip.

2-What do you have to carry to complete the travel kit?

* Pain killers and anti-inflammatories:

It is always good to take some pain killers, since this will be the one that relieves body aches, headaches or stomach pain. For this section the best to use is Paracetamol.

Anti-inflammatories will help us reduce the fever, inflammation and also relieve pain in some cases. Also take a box of Ibuprofen.

* Kit for wounds or blisters:
In this section, it is good to include gauze, scissors, cotton, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, saline, needle and thread (to sew wounds) and some antiseptic product. (to disinfect as Betadine)

* Normal strips and band ‘second skin’:

To be prepared in any case, it is best to carry two packages of strips.

One of the normal ones and the other, the one known as second skin, in case to protect wounds or when you have a blister.

* Antibiotics:

Ideally, in this case, you should take an antibiotic that can be used for several symptoms and then it is important that you also carry the prescription with you, in case you need it during the trip. The antibiotic that we recommend is Amoxicillin.

* Laxatives or antidiarrheals:

These medications should be used consciously and if situation requires it, while you get a doctor from the country you are in. For this section you can take Loperamida in the first aid kit.

* Antacid or gastric protector:

In antacid the best to have at hand in, best to use is Almax.

And in gastric protector, you can have Omeprazole in the kit. It prefer to have it, if you have any problem with the food of the country where you are or your stomach is sensitive.

* Repellent and antidote for bites:
This can be very useful depending on the country where you are and the weather you have.

You can buy Relec as a repellent and in the case of bites, use a Hydrocortisone ointment.

* Shock cream and sunscreen:
Today the sun is quite strong, so regardless of where you go it is best to take a protector of factor 50 or 30 at least.

We also recommend you to have in your kit some cream for blows, cream as Voltaren.

It is important to remind that all the medications that we mentioned above, need to be used when it is needed. Now that you know how to make a good first aid kit, it is time that you make yours before you travel. If you use any medication more than we have mentioned, leave us your comments in the comment section and we will add them in our upcoming post.

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