Traveling by car in winter: recommendations (I)

Sometimes we forget what are the things that we have to consider when embarking on a trip in winter and we take the car to the destination. But sometimes happens that in the middle of the trip we come up with an unforeseen situation that we do not know how to solve. So to prevent this from happening or if it happens that it causes the least possible harm, it is necessary to follow some recommendations for driving as well as for the vehicle and the passengers. We give you the keys to organize your trip, prepare your car and move in the safest way this winter.

# 1 Check your car before the trip
More than the preparation of the luggage itself, what will we wear during the journey to make it more bearable, how to feel more comfortable … It is necessary to know that the vehicle is ready so that we can move and not give us any problems. For this, it is advisable that before making a long trip you ensure that everything is in correct operation: the heating to combat the winter cold, the filters of the passenger compartment, the tires so that they adhere well to the road, the liquids in good condition so that they do not freeze, the timing belt, the brakes, the shock absorbers and the battery.

# 2 Plan the trip
Betting on improvisation is very good, but sometimes it is better to have everything planned. For this it is recommended that you inform yourself about the state of the roads before starting the trip to avoid difficult areas on the route, know which roads are closed or in which you will need to carry chains, for example. You can check the website of the General Directorate of Traffic, where the information is always updated.

It is also important that you check the weather forecast to know the conditions in which you will drive during the trip and what forecasts we must take into account in relation to the weather. The web page of AEMET is the most complete, since it has a wheater section with meteorological warnings.

We recommend that you have the roadside assistance service of your insurance company at hand and call 112 before any emergency. Finally, as in any other occasion in which you travel by car, you should avoid traveling during peak hours.

#3 Do not forget the breaks
Even if you really want to reach the destination, do not forget to make stops. Approximately every two hours give yourself a break of about 15 minutes, stretch your legs and take advantage to regain strength.

# 4 Drive calmly
Do not hurry to get to the place, that’s why it controls the speed on the road and, above all, that nothing makes you lose your nerves. Driving in winter has its risks: wind, rain, snow and cold reduce tire grip and increase the chances of an accident.

But it is not only safe driving, but you yourself feel good at the wheel. During the trip, take the opportunity to chat with your family and think that you are getting a little closer each time.

These are our first recommendations we give you so that, if you are traveling by car in winter, your driving is safe and pleasant. If you like this post, don’t miss the second part: we will give you more tips!

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