Travel by car in winter. Recommendations (II)

In the previous post we gave you four tips on how to travel by car in the winter. We tell you that the most important thing of all is to check the car before the trip to verify that the vehicle is ready so that it can move and that it does not give any problem. Then we must plan the trip, which implies to inquire about the state of the roads and consult the weather forecast to know the weather conditions that we will find. Driving with tranquility, without forgetting the breaks were our last tips to deal with the risks involved in driving in cold weather.

In this second part of the post we are going to provide you with six more recommendations, so that when you go on a car trip in winter you have a total of ten guidelines for a safe trip, as well as fun.

# 5 Luggage
It is very important that during your car trip all your luggage is well placed so that driving is safe and comfortable. Check that no object interferes with your vision and that everything is in order in the trunk so that no problem arises.

# 6 Food and drink
Always remember to bring food and drinks for the journey. If you are going to be many hours in the car, it is likely that during the trip you get hungry. In addition, when we undertake a trip we never know what unforeseen events may arise. It never hurts to be proactive and have prepared some sandwiches and a few bottles of water in case the road closes and you will spend hours inside the car.

# 7 Objects that can not be missing in the car
What should you bring in the car when you travel in winter? In this station you have to carry inside the car a series of objects that will protect us in case of breakdown or accident. A blanket, a flashlight, gloves, an ice scraper, chains or an external mobile battery will save us from trouble on more than one occasion.

# 8 If you go with children, keep them entertained
Traveling with children is always a luck for all you are capable of learning in the new destination and for all that they are capable of teaching you. But, spending many hours in a car going to your destination, nerves can be lost and not only on your part. Try to make children feel comfortable and have options and resources to entertain themselves. Talk to them, propose games that do not endanger driving, play music or let them watch a movie with a tablet. You can take advantage so that these activities become an educational moment.

# 9 Travel safely with animals.
If you travel by car with your pet you should always keep in mind the same recommendations, regardless of whether it is winter or summer. As we explained in the past, you must choose a suitable destination, prepare your luggage with everything you need so that you do not miss your home, carry all the sanitary and administrative documentation and transport it as dictated by traffic regulations (harnesses, trasportines or grids)

# 10 Enjoy the journey by car
Every trip should be an opportunity to enjoy. It does not matter how you travel or how long it takes you to reach your destination. Try to make each part of the trip, including the trip, an occasion to have a good time, whether chatting with your fellow travelers, listening to music or imagining plans for when you reach your destination.

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