Traveling with pets: recommendations

If you have a pet, you know that is one of the most difficult times when traveling is to say goodbye to him. It does not matter if you return in a few days or in a few weeks, you know that you will miss her, although surely not as much as she does miss you. But little by little more and more people and families travel with their pets, so every day there are more options to do so.

If your plan is to go out with the whole family -including, of course, the pet-, you must first take into account some details. Our first recommendation is, whenever possible, to plan the getaway well in advance to ensure that some of the situations are as close as possible. Take note of our advice.

Choose a suitable destination for your pet
Not all destinations are suitable for pets or are prepared to receive them. Reflect on whether you will be better off with you or whether the trip can be a stressful situation for him. But if you really are convinced that you want to travel with your pet, then you must have your preference and be safe in a place where everyone enjoys.

Its luggage
Just as you prepare a suitcase for yourself, you must also prepare one for your pet. Remember to take a leash, harness, toys, food, transport, containers to eat or medication if needed. In short, everything you usually use when you are at home so that does not surprise you during the trip.

The type of transport and its requirements
When choosing the type of transport, you must inform yourself, evaluate all possible options and take into consideration the requirements and regulations of each of them. If you choose the car, there are several dog restraint systems available to incorporate into the vehicle. From harnesses of one or two anchors, a bags on the floor or trunk,.The choice of one or the other depends on the size of your pet. In any case, the traffic regulations dictate that the animals must be well prepared for the travel.

On the other hand, if you prefer the train, RENFE admits at most one animal per traveler that, in addition, must be small, understanding as such, dogs, cats, ferrets and non-farmyard birds. To do this, you must travel in a trasportin, meet hygienic-sanitary and security conditions and have documentation in accordance with current legislation. During the trip should be placed in a discreet place at the feet of the owner in such a way that interfere as little as possible to the rest of the customers, should be permanently subject by their carriers.

If you finally opt for the boat or the plane, as we discussed in a previous article, you have to make sure that the company you have chosen allows you to travel with animals. But it will also be necessary to meet certain restrictions, such as the type of pet, weight, size or documentation. Our recommendation is that you consult it directly with her, since each one has specific conditions.

Documentation in order
Surely you would not go on a trip without the documentation in order, and even less without taking it on. With domestic animals you must do the same, that is, have located the sanitary and administrative documents that identify them. Your pet must have the official health card updated and stamped by a licensed veterinarian. In case of traveling through the European Union, you will also have to carry your Passport for Domestic Animals. As always, the microchip will be equally useful in case of loss of the animal.

The last step to planning your trip is to make sure that the hotel, hostel or camping where you will stay is pet friendly. Every day there are more accommodations that allow animals to stay and adapt their infrastructure to their needs. This information is usually indicated on your website. If you do not find anything about it, we advise you to consult directly with them.

If you plan to travel from Alicante airport and you want to leave your car in WePark, do not worry about your pet, in the transfer from the parking to the airport and back, your friend will be able to travel in the van, for us it is one more client.

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