What to do on the holidays of October

October is about to start and with it the two holidays of the month are approaching: October 9, Valencian Community Day, and Columbus Day, celebrated on October 12th. If you are thinking about staying in the area of Alicante, but still do not know what to do, maybe these proposals clarify your doubts.

Going for a picnic is always a success, especially in October, when the weather is still pleasant. In addition, this plan is a good option if you go with children, because recreational areas, parks or picnic areas usually have swings, sports areas and plenty of space to run and play.

Close to Alicante we can go to the Palm Grove of Alicante, the Merendero of the Amadorio reservoir or the Lo Torrent park of San Vicente del Raspeig. Through the interior of the province we also find the Xorret de Catí (Castalla), San Pascual (Ibi), the Font Roja (Alcoy) and the Hermitage of Santa Ana (Onil). All these places are free and are prepared so that we can spend the day there.

Enjoying nature can also enter into your plans. Hiking through the mountains recharges the batteries and is a way to get to know Alicante and its landscapes. There are an infinite number of routes: the Vía Verde and the Font Roja de Alcoy, Cantalaes and Pi del Litero de Castalla, the Balcony of Alicante or the birth of the Vinalopó River.

Museums and exhibitions
The holidays are a good opportunity to do everything we have always wanted, but for lack of time we do not. That’s why one of our proposals is to take advantage of the day to visit museums or exhibitions. The Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) will remain open from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with temporary exhibitions focused on the rock art of the province of Alicante or on clay figures in the shape of a bull found at the El Argar site ( Almería).
In the capital of the province you can also go to exhibitions such as Photographers united by music, which includes images of emerging musical artists from the province of Alicante; A sea of data, focused on the impact of global change on the ocean or Simeon, which examines through images the evolution of Benidorm to become a tourist reference of international level.

Our fourth plan is to catch up with the movies. In October, the billboard welcomes films of all genres: comedies with Ola de crímenes, action with the film Venom, dramas through Cold War and thrillers as La sombra de la ley. For the youngest, animation productions will also be released: Smallfoot or Christopher Robin, for example.

Many are those who decide to take advantage of the bridges by going shopping. Even though shopping centers are opening more and more during holidays, before you go we recommend that you check the schedules on their official pages.

Festive events
You can also attend the events scheduled to celebrate the holiday. For the 9 d’Octubre, the Day of the Valencian Community, the city of Alicante has prepared free events to commemorate the festivity. Its streets will be filled with activity between the next 4 and 9 October: parades, tabalets, concerts, dulzainas and musicals. If you click here you will see the schedule in more detail.

A break
If you still do not know for sure if you will stay in Alicante, considering a getaway does not hurt. Madrid and Barcelona never fail, and in the big cities there is never a lack of things to do. From shopping to attending a play or musical. You can also just go for a walk and let yourself be lost in a neighborhood you do not know. Surely you will be surprised.

Whatever your choice for the October holidays, at WePark we will always be happy to welcome you and take care of your car 24 hours a day.

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